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B uscando the ideal community ? Resident I die am a passionate group of the already considered one of the best game of survivor horror story followers. This community is focused on a single goal, to be the best choice for you, giving all the advantages that our community can bring: The latest news, The safest downloads, and contributions that we know is pleasing and interest to users. Resident Idle pledge to give the best selective
content and more importantly, the union characterizes as a forum already said that is a community. From Our beginnings we have looked for the way that the user feels at ease in any area related to the forum, never ignoring any request and always aware of the demands that our community demands, learning from our mistakes, improving every time, seeing everything from Point of view any detail that we can correct and optimize, just so that the user is comfortable in their space. Resident Evil, for us is a world, a new window and we invite you to next to us explorers of all forms this magnificent saga.